Wein.pur: Red Cuvées from Austria 2019

Fantastic success for both of our red wines! Grande Cuvée 2017 achieved 90 points and Grande Cuvée Reserve 2017 was ranked with 92 points. Therefore, both of them received 4 glasses and are included in the category “excellent wines”. We are very happy about those results.



Honored as one of the best wineries in Austria

We are more than happy about the great valuations in the current Wine Guide. Excellent 92 points were granted to Weinviertel DAC Reserve 2017, Weinviertel DAC Reserve 2015, Grande Cuvée Reserve 2016 and in the category historic wines to Grüner Veltliner Reserve 2012. St. Laurent 2016, Grüner Veltliner Ried Hundspoint 2018 and Weinviertel DAC Ried Kirchthal 2018 achieved 91 points.


OÖN-Wine Show in the Hotel Wesenufer

22 Grüner Veltliner originating from the regions Traisental, Wachau and Weinviertel were blind tasted by a professional jury in the Seminar-Hotel Wesenufer. After a tasting session which lasted for almost 4 hours accompanied by a four-course menu the winners were defined. The winner was defined as the wine being the first of which all 12 bottles are finished. We are proud, that our Weinviertel DAC Ried Kirchthal 2018 came on second place.


Wein.pur Trophy Weinvielfalt Niederösterreich 2019

Great assessment for our St. Laurent 2016! It was marked with 4 glasses and achieved 90 points, which accounts for the second-best achievement of our region, the Weinviertel! It’s an awesome evidence, that also in the Weinviertel outstanding red wines of highest quality can be produced.


VINARIA – Grüner Veltliner – Tasting 2019 with 12,5%

Outstanding achievements at this tasting with our Weinviertel DAC 2018 and Weinviertel DAC Ried Kirchthal 2018! Both of them were included in the Top List. Weinviertel DAC 2018 was granted 15,9 points and therefore accounts for the highest rated wine of our region, the Weinviertel. Moreover, it is the leader on the list of Best Buy wines. Weinviertel DAC Ried Kirchthal 2018 achieved 15,8 points.

Extract of Vinaria: This tasting was the domain of wines from the Wachau and the Kamptal- which are positioned together with one exception on the leading positions. The exception: Gotthard and Doris Eichberger from Eibesbrunn. The “Weinviertler” shine with their “simple”, very region typical Weinviertel DAC. Adi Schmid joyfully stated: “Of this wine, I can at least drink a second glass!” The fact that Eichberger is able to offer even more was proven by their second wine from the single vineyard Kirchthal. […]