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Daddy-Daughter Project 1.0

New paths are created while walking...


We reveal the secret: "Ich bin Ich" - "Me is me"
We take you on a journey to the year 2019: 
Our daddy-daughter project started. Early in the morning, our ripe Chardonnay grapes were carefully harvested by hand and fermented for the very first time in a barrique. How it would end up, no one knew yet. Until Christmas, the barrel was visited every day and the fine yeast was stirred so that our wine could develop its very own character. But now it was time to give our little treasure some rest and time to develop to what it is now. It was incredibly exciting. About 1.5 years later our "Ich bin Ich" was just great! Therefore, in March 2021 he was filled into the bottle and was allowed to rest there again. Now it is ready to be enjoyed by you!


This much can be revealed: I am Chardonnay. I am a "Große Reserve". I am unique and exclusive. "Ich bin Ich" - Me is me. 


We have only a limited number of bottles of our "Ich bin Ich" Chardonnay Great Reserve 2019. 

We have already been able to achieve a great success: VINARIA has listed our Ich bin Ich as a tip in the young wine atlas! Tasting notes: 
Opulent juicy bouquet of marigold confit and baked apple; fine malt on the palate, underpinned by yellow ripe fruit aromas, juicy melting quince with honey blossom, nougat slices bring seductive charm, then fine toasty sweet tobacco smoke to bright citrusy acidity, herbal spice deep in the glass, all led by a powerful creamy body, lingers very long with fruit caramel on the palate. 


© ÖWM/Robert Herbst


We are already for the 7th time in a row among the 120 best wines of Lower Austria (Kreis der besten 120 Weine von Niederösterreich). 


With 6 wines in SALON Österreich Wein

Winner Of The State (Landessieger NÖ Wein) 2013


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