Soil. Life. Craftsmanship.


2.5 million years ago gone with the wind. #Loess

Soil. Life. Craftsmanship.

A vineyard is
a habitat.

Our understanding
Our vineyards are balanced ecosystems in which we promote biodiversity.

By planting greenery and selectively mowing the plants, we give biomass back to the soil, which is converted into important nutrients by earthworms and fungi.

About us

Our aim is to show the world the treasures of the southern Weinviertel and to bring wines that are typical of their origin and fun to drink.


The vineyards are located on a small hill in Putzing in addition to our home village of Eibesbrunn - both small villages with more vines than inhabitants.


What’s happening in and around our winery?

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It is the soil that has a good reason to make our wines great. It is us who allow this to happen.

Julia Eichberger