Oberes Feld

Ried Oberes Feld

This vineyard is situated on a gentle south facing slope in the small village Putzing, extending up to around 230 meters above sea level. A large woodland to the west not far away offers protection from the wind and ensures long-lasting cool mornings. Once you come here during summer, you will immediately notice that it is particularly chilly. This climatic peculiarity is a great advantage, as the temperature difference between day and night creates a very special aroma in the wine. Our vines in this vineyard are rooted in 12-million-year-old sands with dry soil, which is covered by mealy loess, especially towards the north. Loess is calcareous rock dust that was blown here from the Alps during the cold phases of the Ice Age when there was little vegetation.

Our vineyard rows are gently undulating (up & down, up & down), so we have to deal with very different characteristics depending on where exactly the vine is growing. Therefore, we never pick the vineyard rows all at once, but harvest the small hills from each row separately. By splitting up the individual sections, we can take full advantage of the optimal sunlight on the hillsides and vinify wines with a strong character.

The Land Register of Francis I from 1822 already refers to this single vineyard as “In dem oberen Feld”.