Ried Kirchthal

This vineyard is located on a very flat area facing northeast to southeast, north of the village Eibesbrunn at around 180 meters above sea level. Our vines grow here on a black loess soil. Once you walk through the vineyard, you will immediately recognize the black earth as the soil with a high humus content is dark in colour. The thick and very fertile humus layer is perfect for our vines, which blast their way through our dry soil, since we are situated in an area with little rainfall.

Loess is calcareous rock dust (silt) that was blown here from the Alpine region during the cold phases of the Ice Age, when there was little vegetation, with the bare forelands of the glaciers and river plains, and now forms a loamy-sandy, always calcareous soil with good storage capacity and a balanced chemical and mineralogical composition.

The name “Kirchthal” is historically already mentioned in the Land Register of Francis I from 1822.